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  1. whats with all the posts being deleted, this place fuckin stinks of shit. good job tanking a bulletproof community for personal greed.
  2. That's actually heat. I don't know where you found that instrument cluster but that would be a really cool way to implement this, and simplistic too. adding to main post.
  3. you that bored you gon make a whole ass thread to ask a dumbass question like dis?
  4. yeah for sure. im sure there will be an abundance of conversations that take place pertaining to this, but I agree, make the vehicles more inconvenient to drive so you are inclined to get it repaired, but do not have to if you do not necessarily want to.
  5. We ready to throw it back and get down like its 2009 again.
  6. There needs to be consequences severe enough to counterbalance reckless decision making. Jail sentences for murder related charges should be lengthy, dying when orchestrating an attack on enemy gangs should mean CK, guns, or bullets, should be a difficult asset to acquire to reduce the amount of shells flying. We live in different times now, but them old school shoebox gun days were always the move. One gun between the entire crew, she be gettin passed around like a hot potato every time shit got poppin. Now we've adopted Chicago era gangbangin, where young children buy dirty handguns linked to strings of murders across the Southside for the cost of an Xbox live membership.
  7. You right fam. Fuck all this interpretation bullshit. It is what it is.
  8. You hit the nail on the head buddy. You essentially intermingle the various demographics of rpers through scripted means. It would be a dope way to create roleplay, and viability to the jobs that you choose. I am also sure this can be applied to more than just the automotive related jobs though.
  9. appreciate the support homie. considering the launch was extended 2 months and change that should give them some wiggle room if the the feasibility of this idea is there and they are willing to implement. You right tho, I wanna know what the dev team has to say about this concept.
  10. 2015 is not long term you delusional bafoon lmfao
  11. SBF and Locotes had pre exisiting factions on vG lol. pre 2010 is a blur. how you out here for less than a decade talkin bout sus? you a rookie and,
  12. EYECE

    Crypto & NFTs

    ive tried to buy a couple of NFTs through Enjin but im a dumb knuckle dragger and I cant seem to figure it the fuck out lol.
  13. You right bro, I a'int with all that "materials required" bullshit. It should be a quick and dirty script that puts on a 60 second timer and fixes it upon completion. In that time the mechanic can adequately roleplay the maintenance as they so desire to, whether thats RP'ing an oil change or rotating the tires. I am not familiar with the insurance system.
  14. i liked the old school brawl and shootout videos back when los locotes and 424 was stompin around
  15. intermittently playing since 2006
  16. I suppose, but the idea is that vehicle wear is variable, and based on how you drive. If you have to re-park your shit 30 times a day because you drive like Jackie Chan from Rush Hour, it shouldn't matter how much of an inconvenience it is to repair the vehicle, portraying realism is the intent of roleplay and life is riddled with inconveniences. You having to spend 10 minutes driving to a mechanic for him to roleplay a quick service shouldn't foster a bitter RP experience, it should send you down an avenue of RP you probably would not have normally experienced, or even chose to entertain. Having to visit a mechanic shop for all sorts of servicing is definitely not what I am suggesting here. I shall reiterate, one single value on the vehicles durability is all that is required. Once it reaches a certain threshold you should experience some kind of limitations while operating your vehicle. Anything such as reduced maximum speed to a reduction in handling. It doesn't mean your vehicle should shit the bed completely and require a tow, but the more you let the required repairs to fix your "durability" value linger, the more inhibited your driving experience should be. In addition, based on the vehicle type / value, the rate at which your vehicle begins to incur symptoms that require repair should vary. Off-roading vehicles are meant to be durable, economy vehicles are meant to be a budget friendly option at the cost of durability. You catchin my drift?
  17. i could see this being an interesting addition but i would prefer if adequate time and attention to detail was dealt to the development of this opposed to a rushed, glitchy system.
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