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Future plans?


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I'll be bringing back my two "legal" non-affiliated characters, but will probably start over on both of their developments.


Charles Jameson - A divorced single business man from a suburban neighborhood doing his best to provide for his kids and extended family on his own. Jameson does not enjoy conflict but will do his best to protect the lives of his family at all costs while living in a not-so friendly area of Los Santos. (previously a locked screenshot and video thread on the old forums)


Ben Murphy (obviously) - A white, beer drinking, gun loving, patriotic, truck driving, trailerpark resident who just wants to go about his business living in today's "fucked-up" society; but will happily kick your ass if you want to try your luck. (my signature character)


Probably bring my old SD character back, might transfer to PD and get him into a division (likely the detectives bureau).


and lastly I'll be joining a friend's illegal faction on launch and develop a new character with them.

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Joining up with an Italian-American mob crew, and role-playing my way up in hopes to becoming made someday. Normally, I'd go right into the outlaw motorcycle club scene, possibly find a way to bring back Skull Crackers Motorcycle Club, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to leading something right now. 

Donald "Donnie" Perrino

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