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  1. Our iteration of Outlaws Motorcycle Club aims to be an authentic depiction of an outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG). A basic knowledge of the theme and roleplay in general is to be expected of any aspiring members. We hold all members of the faction to a high standard and expect anyone that's looking to join to conform to the same criteria. When you obtain the prospect patch in this faction, you are expected to hand over character kill permissions to a member of the high command. Our goal is to create roleplay for the faction and anyone that roleplays with the faction, not to become the biggest or baddest club around. Any further questions and inquiries about our discord can be directed to myself or @WhiteBoyWiz.
  2. my guy, shoulda known you'd be back around
  3. https://gtasix.store/models/ these are better
  4. acclaimed biker d-...roleplayer.
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