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  1. I'm all for longer prison sentences, honestly. I feel like jail and prison sentences were more of a slap on the wrist in SAMP and people didn't really think much of it. I remember roleplaying with people who had 30+ prison sentences alone. That's a bit ridiculous and unrealistic to me. With that being said and moving over to forced CKs, I think that could possibly be a deterrent for people that decide they want to roleplay career criminals going in and out of prison during that entire character's life. Don't get me wrong, illegal RP is cool and stuff, but it gets repetitive when most of the illegal roleplay you run into is the same person committing different crimes.
  2. I have work just about every day of the week and I’ve been getting stuck with 16 hour shifts lately, but that doesn’t really stop me. The academies are typically scheduled on days that people don’t have real life commitments that they have to tend to. The academy instructors have real life commitments like any other person here, so I personally don’t think scheduling is going to be a problem. And as far as I’m aware, private academies have always been a thing for people that couldn’t attend the scheduled sessions.
  3. been here since 2012 friends
  4. You're talking about the field training program, which we also already have.
  5. I personally don't like the idea of this just because it cuts back on interaction between the faction itself and the community by a considerable margin. The training bureau exists primarily to "train" people coming into the faction through an IC academy and would be completely useless if the academy was NPCed entirely. Currently, we have about 24 people in the training bureau. If we took the academy out, those 24 people would end up getting knocked out of the bureau.
  7. Hello friends. I'm Stefan. Been in the community for about 9 years on and off now.
  8. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to start playing.
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