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  1. the snoovers
  2. OOC Information: Touch More Bands or TMB is a group of young people from poor neighborhoods trying to overcome their money problems the fast way. We aim to portray tight knit group, where every member has his unique abilities, personality and attitude. Our goals for the future are to establish ourselves as a serious group, accumulating money on our way to the top, by any means necessary. The group is inspired by real life gang members and their activities. At this moment the group is closed to the public as we feel that we got enough members to be able to successfully portray our faction. Your best chance of getting invited in the group is to make a character, create a story behind it, maybe a character thread too and start hanging around the current members. If you attempt to hang around us we expect you to have a basic knowledge of the real life LA politics and the gang banging culture over all. Once in the faction we provide our members with easy to follow guides related to making screenshots, developing your character and more.
  3. fire paleto finna be lit
  4. I'm sure that the staff team will implement a way to get into town in less then 5 minutes from the moment you spawn, but even if they don't, you can run from the airport straight to davis pretty quick
  5. wokaddict

    NBA 2K22

    current gen, it's more gameplay then a mmorpg like next gen
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