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  1. Pretty much, there are some normal people but usually fucked in the head abit, yeah.
  2. Sadge... Good times ngl... Wish I could get the same feeling on GTA 5 that I had when I played back then. Probably never again.
  4. more clubs = more mallrats and erpers that are ruining everything with their horny stuff. It should all be kept to a minimup, clubs play a big part of mafia/illegal RP as far as I know, involvement of drugs and weaponization during the nightclubs open time, in the back office.
  5. None so far, game looks beautiful without them but I will consider adding some like shadders or something to make the game more like a movie, abit more appealing later on if possible, or preferably when they add a modding section.
  6. I just wanna own a shotgun, work on my farm somewhere far away, drink bourbon and tell cops to get the fuck of mah damn property.
  7. Its already hard as it is when people try to void RP or pray cops pulling up seeing someone get mugged, now imagine that person having to half the item in hand then proceeding to prolong the RP etc untill someone spots the duo etc, this can open up alot of bad things I think, items should just be droped on ground or something, or through a simple text like /give etc.
  8. No, why not just keep it simple like the way it was back the, nobody wants to have a key they have to worry about in their inventory, just let it be duplicated to a name you choose if needed, robbed or something. Them having a key, that maybe they store in their property or something, then die and still have it, etc etc, it can be abused alot I think.
  9. I wanna see alot of illegal RP, thats what kept LSRP going seeing 50+ gang bangers together doing illegal shit, I dont wanna see pussies crying in /b chat. I know its 2022 but I hope there wont be sensitive people playing and crying about everything. I hope it will be the way it was in old LSRP on SAMP, I guess I can only wish.
  10. shit was like crack, again if it was like before, vanilla and tbc times, i played both classics when they got released recently but stopped after like a year or so, i need FRESHHHHHHHH
  11. I dont really play it anymore since my friends dont play any longer, I do have a maxed Nea and like 2mil leftover bloodpoints.
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