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  1. Didn’t specify how high the cliff is so potentially might not cause injury, for the sake of this though I would not jump for them. Would you rather death by drowning or death by being set on fire?
  2. Fuck, Kill, Marry Selena Gomez, Adele, Rhianna
  3. I am hoping I have the patience, I will probably get it with a friend so we can go through the trauma together! I might wait till it goes on sale.
  4. I am sure this will be worth the wait.
  5. I’m looking at buying Tarkov but very scared that I will get shit on every time I spawn.
  6. No Angels by Jay Dobyns - A good read if you have already read most of the MC books. Currently reading Catching Hell by Jay Dobyns
  7. I think it should be one of those things that can be interpreted in different ways to enhance role play. If you want to RP a road trip then there is nothing stopping you but by enforcing a rule where you must RP the distance it will be impossible for law enforcement to work unless they had a stupid amount of officers split across different departments on the map.
  8. I think restricting the map could be a good idea to start with, it would force players to role play in a portion of the map to start with however this would need to be monitored uber carefully as the player-base grows. It would be very difficult to manage the expansions and what house/businesses should be available to what players when the expansion is released. Although a good idea I think it will be difficult to manage and not worth the extra work/issues it may cause. Hopefully this server can get a lot of traction when it opens up and the map won’t feel as empty as you think.
  9. Getting back into RP after 5> years, I enjoyed my time on LS:RP and also RC:RP back in my SAMP days. I am hoping the nostalgia doesn’t wear off quickly and I enjoy it as much as I am hoping I will.
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