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  1. I think the other cities from SA should stay in like San Fierro and the like, also think that the dividing line should remain Fresno but for the sake of the server I think the Alamo Sea is a good cut off point. A good idea all together though I think its important to formally acknowledge SA is essential Cali especially for legal stuff.
  2. I don't think that making people type a short response question is really gonna prove if they're a good rper or not and the current quiz at least makes sure they have the basic knowledge, and it also teaches people some of the standards in the rules.
  3. Im p sure you can have more people on a rage server.
  4. I don't think that LSRP has to shift its focus to squarely on "legal" rp, but I do think that people aren't giving LSRP enough credit for the potential it may have in competing in the legal scene. To my understanding, and from my experience on World, in this day and age many of the consistently ran businesses are ran by Organized Crime groups rather than civilians. It seems a lot of civilians on the server have either left, or are focused on another kind of Roleplay. Some of this is because of groups like PM and FM which can hamper civilian RP, and end up encouraging other kinds of rp. With a fresh start a lot of people could be looking to start up businesses and enjoy a new environment. I think what Freedom Fighter said was dope was well.
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