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  1. Looking forward to seeing this in action, good luck.
  2. Take it far broski. @D-9
  3. Perhaps you need a little more clarification of what the "TeamSpeak" usage is really like ― LEO's are highly encouraged to prioritize roleplaying over anything else, meaning: in the event of a pursuit or an incident that requires the use of TeamSpeak, they are to keep it minimal and to the point. The words and phrases being used are directive and straight forward and there are no "open conversations" or general chit-chat. 90% of the communication from LEA's are done IG through the /r mechanism or general RP, which is typed out and the other 10% is on TeamSpeak; that being, occasional call-outs like pursuits and any other immediate back-up requests. And even then IG roleplay is a /must/ and OOC communication is dismissed in the matter of 15-30 seconds. Being both a legal and illegal role player, I could see where some of you come from about it being "P2W" but I can ensure you it isn't and if it was I simply wouldn't be apart of it. LEA's have changed drastically over the last few years and that P2W attitude is no longer a thing, and if it is: it usually gets handled immediately.
  4. Amazing work, the hype is real.
  5. Shack Roske Adio Dee gus Chiky Buster 114 Paps Dawg NiceCookie Sureno Vida Victor Petrela Baker
  6. PD/SWAT with the boys. Cycos, AP13, WGS, Bandidos MC, Ulan Zada.
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