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  1. We can't share a link for that here but https://www.photopea.com/ is basically web based Photoshop. I've never tried it for editing screenshots but I'm sure it'll work just fine. Here are a couple guides for screenshots as well if you want something a little more detailed.
  2. Looks good! Your 4th one looks kind of cluttered to me with that character outline but other than that I like it
  3. kendrick


    i'm the same way, any other game i can fly pretty good but haven't gotten it on this game yet
  4. haven't played since like 2014 with my boys @Kuy and @tut but it was fun as hell. definitely wanna play again
  5. pretty terrible at the game but its fun
  6. I'm currently working on adding objects for the furniture system and I'm trying to be as descriptive as I can with the furniture names. Sometimes there's no avoiding "White Chair 3" for the sake of time and lack of other descriptive features but overall the names should be pretty clear as to what the object is going to be. Some of the current categories still need reworked but I think overall you guys will really like what we have. As for the preview function you mentioned if you check out the furniture system video, that's one of the coolest features about it.
  7. VR is pretty fun. I have the Quest 2 and would recommend that as a starting point to get the feel for VR and make sure you like it before upgrading to something high end like the Valve Index or whatever else comes out in the near future. Setup for PCVR can be annoying with the Quest but once you get past that it's pretty easy to use. To your question about motion sickness for me the more I play the less I feel anything like that. The first couple times using it felt weird moving around but I adjusted to it pretty quick.
  8. Big update out for Supporter Edition owners right now and will possibly be available to everybody else in 1-2 weeks.
  9. If you're making NFA items (short barreled rifles/shotguns, suppressors, automatic firearms using auto sears ect) it's illegal without applying for a tax stamp but it's completely legal to otherwise make your own firearms. Good guide and I hope to see more people roleplay around manufacturing firearms.
  10. Marijuana will currently be legal for possession up to a certain amount and illegal to sell other than through a dispensary.
  11. State Constitution isn't being written by myself or Kane at this current time but that could be something we look into in the near future.
  12. I'm very against lengthy prison sentences. I think it should be something you can request rather than being forced on everybody who gets caught committing a crime. Those who actually enjoy roleplaying in prison often get their experience ruined by the people who are just there to do the bare minimum to not get AFK kicked and lower their timer. I honestly think prison times should be lowered from what they were previously but one thing I would possibly be interested in is a three strike system on certain charges leading to a much longer sentence or even life imprisonment. I think this is something we could potentially tweak and implement here. Without raising prison sentences for everybody there would still be risk to committing certain violent crimes and getting caught.
  13. 12.12 released yesterday and it's been very fun so far. Beginning of a wipe is the best part of this game imo
  14. All of the new opportunities for a better roleplay experience and the customization potential for weapons, vehicles, and characters
  15. Mindhunter on Netflix is one of my favorites right now. It's been out for a while but I've rewatched it so many times. Really hope they do a third season. The Sopranos is another favorite of mine. MINDHUNTER Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Netflix Series
  16. kendrick


    hi zapper how are u doing
  17. In the beginning this game was super boring to me. It was the same basic gameplay as the Left 4 Dead series without anything really new and interesting but once I got to Act 2 that's when the game really gets good with the nodes and different objectives and optional side objectives you need to complete to continue. I'd say the game is worth it if you have Xbox Game Pass for PC but I wouldn't pay $60+ for the game personally.
  18. Yup same here, bought it on launch and played the hell out of it but then stopped playing and never really felt like continuing. Considered redownloading it but I have other singleplayer games I'd rather complete first
  19. Love this game but it can also be super frustrating at times. Started a little late in this wipe so I'm still trying to grind out quests. Only thing I've heard so far is the new Lighthouse map might be coming in the next content update.
  20. Fun game with slow but quality updates. Wish they had smaller close quarters maps though
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