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  1. Agreed, 100%. The only thing that really makes a difference is having both, because, as you said, it’s weird and immersion breaking.
  2. After the changes to the “Disgusting Roleplay” rules, I can no longer find any rules about permissible ERP. The one from the SAMP server for example, that required OOC consent from everyone present, seems to be absent. If it’s totally banned I’m on board with that, but based on one of the questions on the UCP Quiz I’m assuming that isn’t the intent.
  3. The ability to search for members with no user group (e.g., most people). If I search for someone who is not an early supporter, staff member, etc., it just says no results found.
  4. Why would he want to? I guess some things will remain a mystery.
  5. The decision is obviously already made, but I don't think the numbers argument is really a valid one. When I wanted to play on GTA:W, I downloaded Rage MP. I wasn't just blindly browsing through the server list of an MP platform that I'd never heard of — I downloaded it because the community was attractive. And at the end of the day, it's all on GTA V, so it's not like the barrier of entry is exactly a big one once you've overcome the hurdle of getting the game. People literally just have to download a different platform, there is very little change for the end user. FiveM also wasn't big in the beginning, which I know because I played on FiveM servers before there were any with more than 32 slots. What made FiveM big was good communities with impressive features (NoPixel, DOJRP, Twitch RP, Family RP, etc.), it wasn't the other way around.
  6. I actually also wondered this and I asked MMartin on his stream. He told me that they chose Rage because it’s the platform most of their target audience already uses.
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