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  1. The best role players definitely came from MRPG, making the transition from that to LS-RP was mind blowing for me because it was the first time I ever played GTA. Crazy to think I joined MRPG 16 years ago as well. The days where we had no responsibilities and role played for hours on end lol.
  2. Shit... Didn't think I'd be seeing this name again! Good to hear from you my bro
  3. There's a blast from the past!
  4. There was an actual equivalent Facebook on LS-RP during 2009/2010 but it didn't really take off. Feel free to give it a go but I can't see many people taking an interest. People are on the server to role play as opposed to worry what's happening on socials. Perhaps if SAN comes back then they could utilise this with articles and news etc.
  5. Very good point, running from the airport used to be so jarring... Especially when you'd get caught for bunnyhopping lmfao. I agree with the person who suggested the train station.
  6. This can definitely be beneficial for the server, I'm sure you've got this. Maybe recycling could be role played, transporting dump to wastelands etc. Wouldn't mind hiding a body or two in there!
  7. King


    For real my brother. I hope life is going well for you man, genuinely you a real humble guy StateSheriff. Wishing you nothing but success and more life
  8. Lmfao! You know me, law abiding medic!
  9. The irony of amef banning me for an entire year because of EMS Mafia but then promoting me to leadership 6 months in The Outfit after being unbanned lmfao. Miss these days man! Guess we gotta create new memories bro!
  10. What the fuck is backwoods? Lol.
  11. King


    For real bro, I couldn't believe it when I saw both of your names! It's good to see old faces and trust me man, we had a thriller! Hopefully we can make some more memories here! What you both doing - SASD?
  12. I hear that man, a real gangster who remains humble and stacks their money in silence.
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