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  1. Thanks to ya! My brother hahha whole squad coming!!!
  2. What you mean future bro, we're never getting younger! I am soon to become a father and stuff, i won't have too much time, anyway we had so much good time together! Happy to know you.
  3. I be damned.. sup brother? we must connect if we gonna make story outta dis shit..
  4. Howdy there Wazzaaaappp Hahaha, looking forward stealing your cash if there's any kind of script for gambling here///// Spasibo Hey hey! Hello there!
  5. Howdy there friends! Frankie Ross here, For those who does not know who I am, i used to play LSRP on SAMP since 2010! For anyone that sticked around still and remember me hmu, for those who don't.. The show is about to begin, stay tuned.
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