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  1. Nigga wbu dummy , u on here on taking time out of ur day to say that when u should follow ur own advice stupid ass nigga
  2. we barley got hate crime down here , it’s gang related . Greenspoint most the murders happen there , Houston a big ass city , it’s bigger than LA I’m not even talking about the population fuck nigga I’m talking about the primiter , the area , the circumference and you got Suburb little Niggas playing copy cat like bellow , press play fuck nigga
  3. Come find out , we got the highest homicides than NY , LA , and Chicago dummy ass nigga https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/06/09/houston-police-detectives-working-199th-homicide-this-year/?outputType=amp https://www.fox26houston.com/news/more-than-100-homicides-reported-so-far-in-2022-within-houston-city-limits.amp
  4. U foreign niggas funny af lmaoo if U ever in 3rd ward Houston tx lmk
  5. LMFAOOOO GOTEEEEEM, aye man this shit be funny niggas complain on the development progress for release date. I forgot about lsrp, rp in general . I complain once about the issue but these niggas gotta schedule to hop on forums and complain shit funny as hell. Niggas when you gotta life you not worry about rp or lsrp, I ain’t gonna lie when lsrp drop ima pop out on gang I’ll be da drilly grim reaper , till then it is what it is with the progress . Niggas should find something else to distract they boring ass life .
  6. Personally I’m for forced CK, CK wars imo are exciting. because of the unknown if your character will survive or not. i agree with the longer prison sentence. lsrp on sa-mp was known for their illegal rp . majority of the community was illegal rp. legal rp is definitely on world’s side. i doubt legal rp will be as popular on lsrp as it is on world. i know i got side track but all in all i agree with force ck and longer prison sentences. i dont ever attach myself to a character so if i lose my character so be it. i dont play as a second life i play to play, it’s a game at the end of the day. same with OOC assets if i had a million dollars and got CK and LSRP CK rule stated when you get CK you lose all of your OOC assets. it wouldnt affect me. i just wouldn’t care if I lost my OOC assets. i dont have the play to win mentality either.
  7. pd better have the same recoil as non pd players, otherwise it’s unfair.
  8. We can apply right now with our character created?
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