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No one in particular,  but:



- Mafia guys that don't extort you like it's the 1960s.

- Gang guys that role play a character older than 16

- Males role playing females that aren't lesbian

- Car enthusiasts that know anything about cars and don't reckless drive 24/7

- Police officers that are actually human and rp off duty too

- Bartenders that don't pour me a bloody mary out of a bottle sitting on the shelf

- College kids that aren't portrayed like high school kids

- New players with fluent English

- People that alt NPC like characters just to make the world a better place for eveyone, e.g. some random selling fruits at some obsolete county side road setup

- People with massive IG wealth that don't OOCly say shit like "its not about the money its about the rp"

- Anyone not using "sexy" or any synonym in their character description

- People who do NOT turn a minor missclick or something a-like into a meme/"funny" OOC fest in a crowded place where some people are actually trying to role play



List goes on, this just on top of my head. But yall legends









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joeyxvii, cailiz, kaikoa, marcus braxton, nick brick (if u see this pls reach out), frankie, juan pueblo, kim, kushin, dopeboy j, joe well, stewie, grifo, felipe derosa, birdman, rodger anderson, m3ga, wadeon, alpha, pEar, knoccout, zagros and many more

Retired LS-RP Junior Administrator

     Rest In Paradise Pitchounette, you are remembered always 💙

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