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  1. ItalyMafia more rpg than rp, but it's what eventually led to LSRP as most of people I played with gradually migrated over.
  2. I remember Harloni, Blee and Lucchesi from the MafiaRPG days. Me and my mate had our own small family the Denottis. Good times!
  3. Started in 08, last played in 2012 I think? Came over to LSRP from a server called Italymafia (iirc) with a bunch of other people, before that MafiaRPG on Habbo Hotel way back when. ICF was my first official faction. My last real character was Deangelo Barnes OG/Leader of 1826 Ryder Blocc Families.
  4. Just farming salah captain points whilst everyone else around him flops in my team.
  5. Soap Dopeboy J Santino Valenti Frank White
  6. Heard about this new server and thought I'd check it out for old times sakes. Previously roleplayed as Deangelo Barnes in Ryder Block Families, plus a bunch of other names I can't be bothered to list.
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