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  1. Amazing, the roadmap is a must have.
  2. Yeah, the game at the moment is in a sort of a rough patch but nothing compared to launch. I'd take this version of Bannerlord over the mess that was Launch.
  3. Oh for sure, the finished game is going to be absolute gold. Mods are only amplifying the experience.
  4. Anybody here play? The current state of the game is kinda scuffed, but it's still worth a try.
  5. Congratulations to everyone!
  6. I have yet to beat this, I got half way through the game. I might pick it up again soon.
  7. Literally on this right now, such a great management game. By far one of my favorites.
  8. FinesseGod


    I've been trying to practice my flying for like a month. I legit can't get it down, I can do a half-assed J-Hooked before splashing onto the floor in a ball of flames. It's like flying a sack of bricks.
  9. FinesseGod

    ATM Preview

    Solid work, looking forward to interacting with the UI.
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