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  1. In my opinion, releasing a polished product should be more crucial than releasing a rushed one. So option 2 makes sense.
  2. Absolutely! In general, I think it'll be pretty dope if it's possible. Nonetheless, I agree making sure that everything is 100% operational, should be top priority.
  3. Seems kinda complex, but I like the idea! Interested in seeing how it'll work.
  4. This'll be off topic from the conversations above me.. But It actually disgusts me as a Rockstar and GTA fan that Take-Two has not shown any love or support for the community that has given so many of their older titles a brand new coat of paint. GTA games are largely reliant on mods of all kinds. The games would have been obsolete and unplayable without them, with only memories keeping them alive. They hired a small studio to release the failure that was the Definitive Edition. They applied threats and DMCA notices towards their biggest fans who made content for free. Take-Two and Volition are the only two businesses that, in my opinion, don't care what their fans think as long as the dollar sign is big enough. Sad..
  5. I'd actually like to see this tbh.
  6. Still a LSRP legend nonetheless.
  7. Interesting. Looks promising!
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