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  1. Hi, I am throwing out a suggestion that I think would fit the the RP of LS-RP and atleast now that it is going over to GTA V. LS-RP is creating jobs for people to do to earn money that is something everyone can do to earn money. But what if they let people make their own companies with the possibilites of hire people and buy a property for that company and set the wage that the hired people will earn based on the income for the company ? lets take Trucker\Taxi\Bus\Mechanic\ as an example. You join the company you buy a car and you start working - But what if you can extend this Some people will extend this with RPing a company and buy a radio and recruite people and give them a radio channel to join to share information. What if we look on this from a new angle - You can create a company - buy a property for this company, hire people (promote\demote\give them a title), buy company cars for the employees that can be used for doing the job that they are hired to do, set wages based on the income. People can use their RP experience on a whole new level. With this system you can have much more fun with the fact of taking a job. People will use their imagination and try and create the best and most sucsessful company Have proper Law firm's, Trucker Company's, Mechanic companies, taxi, bus, body guard, airplane, and so on. Just a suggestion.
  2. Actually 100% wrong Mow arrived like 5-6 months after we ran it on K's private PC and only provided a server for us
  3. Everyone got a new forum account ?
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