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Ready or Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pretty cool breaching kind of game, like SWAT 4

I'll leave some vids of it down below if anyone tryna check it out


Anyone else play it?


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Big update out for Supporter Edition owners right now and will possibly be available to everybody else in 1-2 weeks.




-    2 NEW Maps: Valley, Fast Food
-    NEW: Mirrors
-    NEW: Vivox integration
-    NEW: Free Look (with option to activate through a hold or toggle)
-    NEW: Use (Only) keybind
-    NEW: AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution graphics option
-    Adjust interactable range/size in lobby
-    Fix a rare bug causing you to get stuck on the loading screen
-    Fix rare bug where trap wires would look incorrect (when doors were fully opened)
-    Remove copyright images
-    Fix broken lightmap UVs
-    Add mouse inverted options to Optiwand
-    Add Alarm trap type
-    Grenades now have a more centered throw trajectory
-    Reduced max Flashbangs and Stingers to 4
-    Weapon descriptions updated with new sentences
-    Better weapon offset for super wides
-    Loading screen improvements


-    SWAT: Abort arrest if target is not surrendered, or is already arrested
-    Halved civilian morale
-    First 3 bullets that a suspect fires has an accuracy penalty
-    Added more roamers by default (3)
-    Fix roamers so they don’t try roam where they can’t go (i.e. through locked doors)
-    Tweaked suspect accuracy for better engagements
-    Increased agent step angle so they dont get caught on small props
-    Suspects are more likely to surrender if you yell at them before they’ve targeted anybody
-    Fix surrender exit bugs
-    Fix bug with instant snap aiming
-    Allow arrested AI to move
-    Investigate trap stimulus when trap goes off
-    Changed suspects in hostage rescue from shooting civs when hearing aggressive noise to shooting after spotting an enemy
-    Reduced shotgun fire rate to 1/sec
-    Fixed bug causing AI that are getting up to pop
-    Increased bash morale loss
-    Tweak ROE


-    Implement Paperdoll crouch
-    Fix NVG Paperdoll icon not being displayed sometimes
-    Change heal prompt to ‘Press F to Stop Bleeding’


-    Fix frosted glass (causing major performance hits)


-    Add host admin game controls
-    Join random session within desired ping instead of always joining lowest ping (allows people with slightly higher ping to receive players / spreads players over more sessions)
-    Fixed time until bomb explode only showing for the host


-    NEW: VKS, G19G5, SCAR L, BCM MK1, SLR 47
-    Fix M4A1 socket for M600V
-    Fix double sound playing for MPX, UMP45 and SBR
-    Fix brake scaling for sr16
-    Fix shotgun accuracy
-    SRS now uses risers for 416, SBR, SR16 (if you have the SRS equipped before this change, you may have to re-equip on the workbench)
-    Combat grip thumb over bore for 416, SBR, SR16
-    Grenade model updates
-    Increased fire rate of AR15-patterned weapons to be more realistic
-    Fix M9 pistol using wrong inertia values
-    Corrected laser rotation when right up against an object


-    Fix python lowered shield reloads


-    Do not save scores if game is modded


-    New TOC VO
-    Removed unused voice files
-    Delete certain cringe VO for good
-    Only agender judge lines play when ordering arrests
-    Updated civilian female voice lines


-    Footstep tweaks for 3P Civilians / Suspects
-    Bump sound size for pistol melee so it doesn’t pan as player moves
-    3P weapons slightly sidechain bullet impacts now
-    Lower volume for certain sidearm melee foley
-    Tweaks to certain 3P weapons for better parity
-    Slightly lower bullet crack chance, remove EQ
-    Add updated taser assets and update taser shot / hum
-    Fix Port drip sound from stopping and starting, remove second sound for better consistency with location
-    Lower trap cut volume


-    Delete copyrighted music in game files


-    Add Korean, French, German translations


-    Delete ActivityFail folder
-    Fix spelling mistakes
-    Deleted offensive assets
-    Add Discord Supporter Code in settings (for supporter server verification purposes)
-    Various bugs and crash fixes


-    NEW Modes: Active Shooter, Hostage Rescue (in Lobby and First Floor)


-    NEW Mode: Raid
-    Open up the second house
-    Add Destructible lights
-    Environment Updates
-    Incapacitated minor penalty score increased to -350 (previous penalty was -15)
-    Adjustments to meth tunnel ambience
-    TV now plays static sound
-    Sewer area now plays dripping sounds
-    Fix popping in certain Meth sounds
-    Tweaks to meth audio
-    Additional sound added to sewer
-    TV on floor in main house now plays sound
-    Chime sound added to main house side
-    Additional sound added to spawn garage
-    Additional sound added to street light near spawn
-    Rat / debris sounds now play around main house


-    NEW Mode: Bomb Threat
-    Max atten for dealer barrel fire reduced
-    Increased distance of dealer car passerby SFX
-    Slight vol tweaks to outside dealer outside quake SFX
-    Minor dealer artwork changes


-    Adjustments to certain Gas ambiences
-    Huge overhaul of ambience volumes to prevent leaking
-    Certain roomtones changed for better parity
-    Certain spatial sounds moved
-    Flies now play around poor (poor Mudasir)


-    NEW Mode: Bomb Threat
-    Add creepy auction music to auction room
-    Add blocking volume to certain area so players can’t go for a swim
-    Tweaked Raid AI count


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28 minutes ago, ROZE said:

Been looking into this game, does anyone know if you can play online with friends?

You can, yeah. 5 players in a match last I remember. I've got it but haven't played it in a while, it's fun though.

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Game is buggy as hellllll last I played, but it’s enjoyable. Not too much different than SWAT though, and that’s kind of disappointing. 

The game offers different modes (hostage, active shooter, etc) but they’re all pretty much played out the same way. Plus with the multiplayer sessions being bugged one way or another (sound bugs or trouble connecting) the game itself is decent. Maybe a 6.5/10 , I’d rather just play SWAT haha

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