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  1. My guess would be that hosting the forum would be somewhat costly, considering how big the database must be. I get the feeling though that the old forums are gone forever, otherwise it would've been an easy way to relieve the anger of everyone and probably would've been done around Feb or July 2022. Would it come as a surprise to anyone if the entire forum was lost ages ago and no one has had the balls to say it? Why couldn't the community have had some time to actually save some shit and preserve it before it was taken down over night. Considering most people donated at one point or another, it was a shitty thing to do then and it's still a shitty thing to do now.
  2. Exactly. The delays aren't even really the issue, it's the lack of communication that is the worst part. SAMP LSRP relied a lot on the community having a level of respect for one another. It's going to be very hard to regain the respect of the community after consistently lying and letting everyone down for this entire year. The thing that really annoyed me was when a release date for the server was being teased and promised like 6 months ago, and then they basically gaslighted everyone by not giving a release date at all and acting as if they hadn't just broken a promise. Instead of giving the community an idea of when the server would be released, they basically just gave themselves permission to continue delaying the project without needing to communicate with anyone. Also, would it kill the leads to apologize for this shit show? Would it kill them to explain what failures lead to the continuous delays and terrible communication with the community? Delaying a release is always a risk in this type of venture, but theres a point where delaying for so long is a sign of incompetence at some level. If they see nothing wrong with how they've acted throughout the last year then I can't imagine this community has much of a future.
  3. Gboker

    July Update

    I'm done. The community is already dead and it's management is beyond incompetent. If this server is ever released I expect that everything will be handled with the same love and care as it has been for the last year. I hope that whoever ends up buying the script/community 3 months after release actually gives the community the respect it deserves.
  4. Gboker

    July Update

    Still really bums me out that a release date was promised ~4 months ago, and so far the only confirmation we have is that it will not be released in September. Would it kill you guys to show some interest in updating the community? Yeah sure, technically you could argue that by "aiming for August" it means that no promises have been broken. But you guys know what you're doing, we know what you're doing, and it's just disrespectful. Delays really suck, but not nearly as much as seeing how little you guys give a shit about the community. Zero effort in the last year to improve communications, no apologies for anything, no real updates about the progress of the server for months on end.
  5. Gboker

    July Update

    Nothing increases morale and confidence more than having to constantly check the forum and seeing that theres been basically zero communication and promises have once again been broken. I don't know what kind of feature creep issues you guys have going, but there's no way it's worth the damage that's already been caused. LSRP either lives or dies based on the community, a community that has been consistently disrespected and neglected. Maybe you're banking on the idea that there'll be a new and more substantial playerbase eventually after release, but that seems like a pretty lousy plan. LSRP was already filled with too many trolls before you closed the SAMP server, what do you think is going to happen when/if this rage MP server releases? It's going to start with a community filled with people that at worst don't respect the leadership/rules and at best resent the leadership and server. LSRP lives or dies based on the community, because if the server is filled with toxicity and blatant disregard for leadership and their rules it will only attract people who themselves are toxic and disregard the rules. If the only thing going for this community is a sexy script, then it's doomed to fail. I hope the server succeeds, I'll be playing ASAP when/if it's released, but it just hurts to see you guys knee cap yourselves so early and so unnecessarily.
  6. Gboker

    July Update

    I pretty much agree with everything you've said, but that's not my issue. How can anyone justify this post as anything but disrespectful? Months of no updates until a release date was promised, only for them to yet again not deliver on it and act as if everything is normal. Theres the elephant in the room that there has been a complete breakdown in communication for months, and theres barely even an apology or anyone taking responsibility for it. The community has had so many promises broken since the SAMP server went down, not to mention the constant lying and deception that seems to be happening. I truly wish the best for this community, I want it to thrive and become something similar to what the SAMP server was, but so far this has been such a shit show before it's even started.
  7. Gboker

    July Update

    I'm not trying to be petty or anything, but a release date was promised and instead we got an update saying they're aiming to release in August. I just don't understand why a release date was hyped up, only for one to not be released. It makes me think that it was originally intended that a release date was going to be confirmed, only for delays to make it not possible to confirm it. And instead of coming clean about yet again not being able to follow through on a promise, they act as if they have fulfilled their promise. At this point I'd be very surprised if an August release will happen. Why do you have confidence in an August release given the track record so far? Why are people acting as if this post is anything but another broken promise.
  8. Gboker

    July Update

    I don't see why almost everyone is responding positively to this post. http://whendoeslsrpcomeout.com/ promised a release date today, and from this post it seems almost certain that a release date won't be posted until August at the soonest. The only consistency at the moment is that deadlines will not be met, why is stuff continuously being promised and then not delivered on? How are we meant to have any confidence when this shit just keeps on happening? It's a very bad look guys.
  9. Just goes to show how everyones opinions on what made LSRP great are varied. I thought every year after 2015 the RP got progressively worse and the game became less enjoyable. I see both sides of the realistic-fun spectrum arguements and think it should be a hybrid, like it was back in the day. I strongly feel like 2 things that massively kneecapped and continued the downward spiral of the SAMP server were the restrictions against selling weapons attained through a weapons permit and the reduction and eventual rare use of tasers. The banning of selling legally bought weapons made the gun trade way too restrictive to a point where a genuine money making scheme arose of people with access to weapon suppliers stockpiling weapons for years on end. As this happened people became more fearless, since guns were hard to find the amount of cars being stolen just looking for guns increased. Having a gun made you more likely to get robbed instead of less. The increase in difficulty finding guns meant that people were less likely to accept a loss in a situation that would lead them to losing their weapons, where in the past people didn't mind as much because it only took 3.5k (around 10k after you factor in being scammed a couple times) and some looking around to get another one. I remember before this being arrested so many times with guns, at a point where shooting a cop purely because you had and could lose your gun would get you ajailed, as would rambo'ing 5 different cops unrealistically. Bats became more common because they were the only weapon low level/poor people could get their hands on. And you started seeing shit like massive baseball bat fights occuring more often and often, something that previously only occurred when two gangs were having a little bit of tension. And then PD/SD started to progressively use their tasers less. Yes, the Damian excuse of Stark manufactured tasers were a little unrealistic and maybe even overused (I remember borderline sniping people with them), but they balanced the game a bit. I'm not sure whether some new rules came in or what, but when cops started using them less they also stopped bothering as much with less exciting things. People fighting infront of cops KNOWING that they aren't going to do anything, when previously if they were using a bat they'd have been tased within seconds. It seemed strongly like cops all but stopped doing any foot chases because they would become prolonged and boring. tl;dr the game needs to be somewhat balanced and fun before the RP is prioritised. People will disregard good RP in favor of fun if that's their only option. If unrealistic things are necessary to balance the game then consider how they will fit the "fun" element. Tasers for a period unrealistically balanced the game for the greater good, restricting selling legal weapons unrealistically made the game less fun.
  10. Really? Because it looks a lot like these "uncontrollable" events have happened purely because the entire project either lives or dies depending on a single person. If it's true, which from all accounts it appears to be, it'd outline just how incompetently this project operates. Attempts the hide this incompetency would be enough to call it a conspiracy.
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