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  1. I understand the desire to expand the map to accomodate more illegal roleplay, however I feel it is a bit premature to think about adding new gang-oriented neighbourhoods when we haven't even filled up the current neighbourhoods yet. South Central is an excellent place to roleplay and it makes sense to make it a dense and populated area where people can roleplay with each other in a more natural setting rather than spreading factions out so they have to drive across the map to find another faction to interact with. In the short term this would also go against the idea of keeping the scripted map dense so it's a bit more busy. I haven't specifically looked into the map mods listed in the topic but any gang hood that we add means we're removing a default area with a different setting. This in turn reduces the roleplay capabilities for non-gang roleplayers. Obviously there's room for expansion down the line but keep in mind that we're on a limited map and we'll have to sacrifice areas to add more gang neighbourhoods. On that note, before we add any new neighbourhoods in the future, our focus will be on customizing existing neighbourhoods to cater to those players already roleplaying there. I would personally rather have limited hoods that are well developed rather than having many hoods that lack depth in terms of map content.
  2. The Modding Team has been hard at work gathering, modifying and creating new mods to be used in the server. We're at a point where we have covered most of the self-explanatory needed mods, so that we are now looking for public feedback to decide which mods to next implement. We are more than open to community feedback and input, since it is ultimately the community that will be using the mods that we implement. Please use this topic to suggest any mods that you would like to see implemented. I will refrain from making this long-winded, but please keep the following points in mind when suggesting: Suggesting more basic clothing? Then we can likely find a model ourselves and we are mostly interested in the design (texture) you want us to implement. For pretty much all other requests, please find a model (and texture) that we can use (usually from a website like https://www.gta5-mods.com/ - search for MP (Male/Female) mods). It is sadly unworkable to create new assets for every request, but implementing and adjusting existing models/textures is a lot more do-able in the short-term. We can create static assets given the limited time needed to create them. Read the text below for more info. We'll be using this topic to monitor what the community wants and choose the mods that we believe are suited for the server. The Modding Team is not here to decide how people should roleplay, so we'll be only judging mod requests by viability and general realism standards. General categories to suggest mods for (may be expanded) Clothing (tops, bottoms, shoes, hats, jewelry etc) Vehicles Weapons Static assets (read below) Since static assets are easier to make and therefore takes less time, we will take requests for static assets to be created. The custom JBL speaker object is an example of the Modding Team creating static assets on demand. Feel free to suggest assets that you think will be useful to the server as a whole, no limits besides that really. Feel free to contact me (Mario) for questions about the suggestion process.
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