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  1. ID verification will never happen and none of us would be a fan of sending pictures of your documents to strangers. In terms of ERP. 1) It adds absolutely nothing positive. We live in year 2022, where people being horny and weird on the internet is more common than ever. ERPing is high on the list of roleplay for many characters, we can see it best from the other server, which shall not be named. Its all fun and cool to say but it didn't happen on SAMP, GTA 5 RP has the newer generation mostly playing on it and if it is happening on that server, it will here too as the playerbase will spread out, maybe not THAT much, but still plenty for it to be annoying. I'm pretty sure the majority of us don't want to play on a server that is basically somewhat of a 18+ chatroom. 2) The sole reason people ERP is to satisfy their mental or physical sexual needs. GTA V might be 18+, but LS-RP isn't, and even if it was, I don't personally think it should be the platform where someone satisfies their sexual needs. Go to PornHub for that. Plus it gives reasons for pedophiles and perverts to play the server, banning it would make at least some of them quit. 3) Players who would complain over it being banned are not the ones we would want anyways, as they're the reason for this thread being made in the first place. 4) Even if its done in private, softcore versions of it will still happen in public. TLDR; It adds absolutely nothing and only causes issues. Players who will complain over it being banned are not who we would want anyways. Its a virtual sexual act done for IRL sexual satisfaction, and LS-RP is not PornHub, nor 18+, hence the limiting roleplay excuse does not apply here in my eyes and it should not be happening on the server.
  2. Completely agree, ERP should be banned. Setting limitations and countermeasures only adds more unnecessary work for admins and the same end result could be reached by just completely banning it. Firstly, it adds absolutely nothing to the server and only causes issues. Character development is brought up a lot as the reason, its bad character development and unnecessary. If you really need it, F2B. All it does is make the server host more people who play it purely for ERP, or are pedophiles / perverts, and in my opinion we should fight something like that. I personally don't think LS-RP should be the platform where people satisfy their mental or physical sexual needs, they can go to porn sites for that and do not tell me there is some other reason you would ERP. Secondly, the Discord argument brought up by Scandalouz. Whatever goes on in Discord DMs is not happening on LS-RP, and not banning it purely because it would happen anyways means we unintentionally or intentionally harbour weirdos on this platform. Discord DMs automatically leave logs and are way easier to report than something that happens IG. Weirdos find victims from every large Discord server. It happening anyways even if it's banned is a dumb counterargument. Banning it would mean it's against the rules and less people engage in it, as well as softcore ERP wouldn't be happening publicly like it does otherwise. Way too many players RP as escorts or regular civilians who ERP day to day. I don't think those are players who we want here, as they add nothing to the server roleplay wise, they can stay on servers where it's encouraged. If you want to ERP then go play Second Life or VRChat or wherever that stuff happens usually. LS-RP shouldn't be the platform for it.
  3. Same principles should apply to all vehicles, doesn't matter who owns them. It would be fun if unmaintained vehicles caused issues for all parties.
  4. 1. Get in a bath filled with water. 2. Add salt and wait for it to dissolve. 3. Plug in your toaster and turn it on. 4. Drop it in the bath. How does one acquire the Federal Reserve vault code?
  5. Has to be The Witcher 3 by a long shot, A Plague Tale: Innocence comes second and What Remains of Edith Finch has to take the third place. All three are just amazing. Honorable mentions would be the Tomb Raider series, TWD series, both new Doom games, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gone Home
  6. Most definetly, but that's just another aspect a system like that would fight and I see it only as a win. You shouldn't need more than 3-4 characters in say 4-5 months for an example. If you need that many tries to get your character right, you should go back to the whiteboard and think it all over.
  7. Highly populated areas should be kept vanilla as much as possible for performance reasons. Texture loss and lag is bad enough with simply the amount of players in those areas, no need to make it any worse with map mods.
  8. I can definetly agree with it being a huge problem in GTA roleplay, and roleplay in general, but as previously said, the player shouldn't get punished over PKs since it's a game and many of them just happen. We should rather try to counter throwaway characters since those are the ones going for over the top violence and getting killed a lot in the process. Something as simple as a character limit in a certain time period would counter this quite well. Say you can make 3 characters in 4-5 months, and you get an attempt freed back up after a month or two if the limit is not already at 3, like the monthly purchasable guns system works. The numbers are obviously for an example and could be higher or lower depending on the need, but if you make a character you get bored of or don't like, you still have 2 more attempts and get your used one back in a month or two. It would make people actually put thought into the character they want to make and somewhat lose the throwaway characters in low quality roleplay, as at least some would think of the limit when doing something stupid constantly but they're unfortunately inevitable. Characters engaging over the top violence or getting themselves killed constantly eventually get CKd anyways, they would run out of attempts and have time to think how they got there, until they can make another character. Not saying the method would be perfect and it definetly needs rethinking, but its a rough idea and in my opinion something like that would be way better than the lives system, as innocent players shouldn't get punished, only the ones who do it purposely.
  9. In-Game items sound ideal, doesn't have to be anything complicated at the start like you said, but it could eventually work with GUI-s. Players themselves could see their car's status from a GUI like this, shows when the battery needs changing and etc like it does IRL: Something like this could be implemented into the inventory system for changing the parts with in-game items. It could have two different versions, one being accessible by mechanics at the workshop and that shows all the parts. The other one being accessible everywhere else and only shows easily changeable parts like the battery. (Crude example for the picture but the best that I could remember from some game):
  10. Who are we? Spire Group Incorporated (furthermore as Spire Group Inc.) is a company providing services in the Private Security Industry and has been successfully doing so for the past eighteen years. The company was founded by 30-year-old Carter Edwards on July 27. 2003, who was the sole owner of the company until his unfortunate passing in 2021. The new owner of Spire Group Inc. is 32-year-old ex-marine Tony Edwards, who also holds the CEO position in the company. What do we do? Spire Group Inc. aims to provide the best service in the Private Security Industry, our Security Officers protect you, your family and your property. Home security is only one of the few services Spire Group Inc. provides. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from property check-ups to armed response. Our trained technicians are ready to install any security equipment you might need or want. For the full suite of services that Spire Group Inc. offers, please have a look down below. Services Property Check-Ups Event Security Cash/Valuales-In-Transit Armed Personal Escort Armed Response Property Alarms and Panic Buttons Surveillance Equipment Installation ...and more Employment As the company wishes to provide highest quality services in the industry, we have to make sure our employees are the very best they can be. That means each employee has to pass a thorough interview, background check and a drug test. Here at Spire Group Inc., we do not believe in gatekeeping and forcing our Security Officers to obtain a firearm license if they do not wish to do so, while having a firearm license is a nice addition to your wage, its not a requirement. - Positions in the company
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