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  1. Started to listen to this.
  2. Hezzy

    NBA 2K22

    The game died pretty quick this year. The leveling system is bad because once you hit 40 you're left with nothing else to go for until the next season. In my opionion 2K needs to go back to the original legend system.
  3. This a good idea to give people an extra way to play with their money and even open up more roleplay opportunities.
  4. I watched the first episode just to see what the hype was about but it didn't really grab my attention. I might finish the first season down the line.
  5. Damn, this is an underrated show, despite it's backlash for being corny. Fake or not they had some entertaining episodes, great show.
  6. Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and Narcos Colombia. Those are the main ones I really took the time to finish, I be watching shows off and on nowadays.
  7. I bought it but don't really play it. The maps promote camping and the movement engine is not that good.
  8. It should be enabled. Client side mods allows for more immsersion and creativity.
  9. Hezzy

    Crypto & NFTs

    I've been thinking of taking time to learn about the whole NFT space. It seems lucrative.
  10. Canelo is the face of boxing right now. Always a good show when he fights.
  11. I was watching BMF but the season ended. I'm currently watching Power Book III: Raising Kanan.
  12. Audible is the move. These are just a couple I recently finished.
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