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  1. Three months ago this would’ve been flooded with meaningful comments but after being jerked off by Mmartin and his brainless cohorts, nobody cares anymore. The hype is dead. The gravy train has run dry.
  2. DeSantis

    July Update

    “When does LS-RP come out? Given the scope of remaining work & testing, we're currently targeting to release in August. Vast majority of features are either finished or in final stages of development. All features will be re-tested in the coming weeks in case our latest work messed with anything made previously. Concrete date will be given at least 7 days prior to release.” Another lie
  3. In 9 days we’ll get a release update, but don’t have any expectations. I’m sure it’ll be another excuse as to why we’re going to have to wait another 90 days.
  4. “The 13th of July is when we will announce release date” - aka the server will be open mid August stay patient and keep donating thank u 4 waiting six months
  5. There should be several “unique” businesses created for loan to factions, players— Everything done in the past was generic. Every faction had a strip club, a bar, a restaurant. It was always the same concept, just a different atmosphere and interior. Certain businesses should be suited individually for factions, companies, and the general player base. I’ve always wanted to see a solid “pharmacy script” in LS-RP. In the past drugs were only obtainable through illegal factions or the Strawman scheme. “Player” gets shot or stabbed and is prescribed a script “morphine”. Maybe the player decides to sell the 7 pills, who knows. A hunger script could bolster restaurant interaction and allow business owners to generate cash through script and the player base. Let’s say we need to eat every 3 hours or our health depletes. Clothing stores. We again, paid the server to my knowledge whenever accessories were bought. A stock script would be useful somehow, allowing stores to allow certain pieces of clothing, brands and so forth. Everything mentioned is going to be hard to pull off of course when the server is up and running. I don’t think we’re going to be role playing wealthy millionaires\ business owners from the jump, the funds won’t be available to open a store or buy a nice fancy sports car. Some sort of mortgage/ credit system would be nice.
  6. It’d be nice to see advertisements placed into the hands of news + advertisement companies opposed to paying the script 1K. It didn’t benefit the economy or players in anyway. Something should be adjusted this time around. Players could apply for an advertisement license. Open a company, etc. There should be multiple points to place advertisements. Limiting it to the mall was a terrible mistake in the past. The area was a constant shit show.
  7. So far in the faction(s) section the groundwork has been laid out for several illegal factions. I haven’t seen much pertaining to legal factions besides the Government. I’m just wondering, will there be a place & player support for a news faction in the new universe? Player interaction between LSRP and SANEWS hasn’t been the best in the past and lacked a reception both In-Game and Out Of Character. It had an amazing run under several leaders and facilitated so much enjoyment and roleplay. Does anyone plan on creating something? Is something already in the works? The possibilities are endless this time and whoever takes the reigns should learn from past mistakes. I’m excited to see the kind of environment and roleplay news/media/television can provide.
  8. *waves* I’m not even sure if the people I used to role with are still here. Hello new friends. I used to be a San Andreas Network fein and spent most of my time being a productive mall rat. Those days are over now and I’m excited to see what the new LSRP will bring. My most memorable accounts were both under SANEWS. Veteran Head Reporter Impertinent TV Host Cokehead Dorothy_DeSantis and sleuth reporter Rose Rockwell. I’m excited to bring one of these characters back in the new universe and hope to see a news faction in the near future. Anyways gudbye
  9. News roleplay. It’d be nice to see somebody revive San Andreas Network under a new name. Being a reporter was never boring. Los Santos News Network for the win
  10. It’s a terrible idea. Nobody has made a good point as to why they even should be considered. Dog fights should be out of the question. I can see limiting them to donators and interiors only. It should be an available feature for house security. Role playing walking dogs would just be messy. I’m not sure how the physics would work but I’m pretty sure the base game “Chop” was only able to follow Franklin opposed to being able to leash. Everyone walking around with dogs following them seems a bit unrealistic.
  11. Hope to run into u on the new server. Formerly Chekmaryov/ Rockwell/ DeSantis
  12. I’d like to see the idea of companies/factions being allowed to bid on said/ certain contracts with the promise or guarantee of a larger payout or reward in the end. I’m not quite sure how things are going to work on the new server, but imagine contracting a company to design a park, or furnish a hospital. Limiting contracts to white collar role players would also be a plus to level out the passive and illegal role play.
  13. It’d be nice to see San Andreas News make a return. The possibilities and scenarios are endless
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