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  1. It’s in the description of the video
  2. Eli


    City Boyz up, she broke im up
  3. Eli


    favorite admin from world! welcome to LS!
  4. @Mitcholodolo super lamee, nah but was good my boy
  5. Eli


    $car back on his grind cant wait to see the content you put out!
  6. Eli


    gold hoodville post welcome enjoy your stay
  7. JD? haha welcome enjoy your stay
  8. Eli

    Dead by Daylight

    It’s fun but you just need to be in the mood to actually want to play it
  9. Pretty much always running some DBD, anybody else weird or is that just me
  10. Eli

    The Salieri Crew

    (( Thread will be updated using IC information once the server is up and running. ))
  11. I am very sure you are fully aware that in a fair fight in the ring, Sogga would take Floppa.
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