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Server Down Time


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Over the last 3 weeks, we had a lot of server downtime. For me personally, this is putting me off the server. I understand there are some issues now and then but this time was planned maintenance. We do receive updates from leadership but these are 2 to 3 hours later which I do find frustrating. For me, the amount of downtime recently is off-putting and leaving me feeling that it is not worth my time now. 


What are other people's thoughts? 

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As stated by the management, the server been the target of DDOS attack which you can't do nothing about it but reinforcing the server security, and the devs seem to be working on the update and bug fixes.

I really understand your point, but hopefully the server picks up it self in the upcoming few weeks, as someone said on the forums, it's a critical time because Mmartin promised weekly updates and more communication, and based on the few upcoming weeks the players who still play daily will decide if they stay or leave.

We hope for the best, and i'm thankful and greatul for the Dev team for their efforts, and the admins who are easily reachable and communicate back to the community.

They got my full support.

I'm sure LSRP will come out of this hard situation.

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  • Management

The downtime that was caused by our host's planned maintenance could've been avoided - we weren't aware the maintenance was planned because I didn't receive an alert. It was very poor timing as I was without internet when it happened. Our takeaway from this is to figure out how to set up custom alerts that we can prevent this in the future.


On the other hand, that was about the only downtime that we had since launch, which couldn't be attributed to attacks or provider network issues. We've been hit by DDOS since pretty much day 1 and there's several types of attacks, and for each we have to adapt individually. There's no blanket hail mary "protection" that protects you from everything, a lot of it is tweaking and changing up your setup to make yourself less vulnerable. We've been lucky enough to get help from other major servers in the space and even rage dev themselves, so we've been able to patch all holes so far. With time, I'm confident our protection setup will be decent, although this is a never ending cat & mouse game that's been around since there have been game servers, or any servers for that matter. I think on this front we've been doing rather good, always adapting to what's thrown at us and even switching providers when no immediate relief is available. This has cost us a significant amount of money and time, all just to keep the server online.


That being said I understand why it's frustrating from a player POV, I hope you understand how we see and deal with the situation. I agree that promptness with #updates could be, in some cases, faster. 

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