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16 hours ago, .445 said:


Please stop, you'll read what is deemed "appropriate criticism" by those in power and if it doesn't align with what you want to read it'll be deemed the latter.


Want some criticism? Stop acting like LSRP is this elite, invincible community that will live on forever by hopping on former nostalgia and riding a few older players whom happen to stick around. I tried RP'ing like everyone else, and we've seen a major drop in PB. You can say what you want, but it sums up to failed launch, lying to your community at the expense of their dollar to construct this idea that we'll be having a fully equipped and competitive server (while launching a year and some change later with a bare bones script) when really we don't. Face the fact, this is why most of the players whom actually can play "realistically" as you claim to want so bad in our community have gone off to other serves (and by others I mean one specifically), and if you want proof just look at our current faction thread as a whole.


Constructive criticism?


Drop the "I'm staff and your point is invalid because you spoke the truth and hurt my feelings" act. The sarcastic spiel by a certain leader of this community is unnecessary and does not look good on the staff members whom from what I heard from the great vine? Are not so favorably looked upon anyways.


Listen to your community, the grinding sucks. Idk how to mitigate this, but it's true. I come home from work to roleplay, so at a minimum if I can settle my character that first few days with a car and at least a little bit of money, that'll help me in the long run as a player (provide assets to get off our feet at first, then grind later).


Create a community video showcasing some RP and spread it across the internet, it'll reach people and possibly increase player base numbers.


Create more businesses in-game, like script wise. Even if it's not being used or just there, it's nice to be able to RP in different locations instead of having to look for something that's open and owned by a player. (For example, I wanted to RP buying jewelry at a diamond store, but there is none in-game scripted to do it so I had to go to that Ponsonby's to do it there).


"Please stop, you'll read what is deemed "appropriate criticism" by those in power and if it doesn't align with what you want to read it'll be deemed the latter." 

We're clearly speaking different languages here because it was never my intent to act as the "elite" you have mentioned, nor I have discarded any criticism. The only thing I have said is  that we are 100% reading and taking notes of any feedback you guys have provided (when behaving appropriately). I don't even know what you are on about, because I can ensure you I am quite the opposite of the "snob-ish-I-know-it-all" staff member you have mentioned. I'd suggest you go through my messages before making such bold claims.

And how can one not be ironic when you are even making statements such as "failed launch", either you have attended Staff meetings when we discussed our expected results in the first months or it is quite evident that your claims have no documented evidence behind them. To each their own, I guess.

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I think we've gathered enough feedback in regards to people's first impressions of the server. The thread has been derailed for a bit; please refer to a separate general discussion thread to discuss individual concepts, or suggestions board to discuss features. 


We've learned a lot and will continue to learn as we implement highly sought after features in the upcoming days and weeks. I hope we can show you that through consistent development and updates.

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