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Lucas “Thomas” Anderson's Story

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Lucas “Thomas” Anderson was born to Henry Anderson and Michelle Johnson in St Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia in 6th of june 1996. His father being a soldier in the Australian Army and his mom being a teacher  from america who fell in love with his father and married staying in australia. Every time his father was around he trained him using SR98. When he turned 8 he found out he will have a younger brother and so was born Oliver. After that, He would learn Judo and Karate to be able to defend himself against Anti-Semitism as Australian Jew he have had enough and chose to fight back. At age 16, He would go to Israel with students from his school to IDF training simulation that last for a week. 

When he turned 18 after graduation from school he enrolled in the Military Of Australia joining the Australian Army and end up in the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in the 1st Brigade. During which he made friends by joining the International military intervention against the Islamic State in 2016 and joining the fight AGAINST ISIS. He was shot during an engagement with ISIS agents with some people in his unit dying. Once his service time was over in 2021, He drove in Queensland in the countryside and then chose to fly to Israel to become a citizen going to study Hebrew he fell in love with a woman there named Naomi who he married a year later with his firstborn son named Noah and after hearing about San Andreas from his mom he chose to leave Israel behind and go there to see it for himself.

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