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  1. Let's go, this is gonna be lit. P.S. Weird that it hasn't yet been flooded with gabagool jokes.
  2. I can't help but think that small businesses that are easily acquired by people would promote much more roleplay than 6 night clubs would. I understand that this is just a start but giving some people something as big as nightclubs at the fresh state of the server would give humongous advantage to some players/factions. On the other hand, making different sort of businesses easily obtainable by all the players is what gonna actually be a great foundation to build on. So wee are gonna get online at launch aaaaaand there are 6 night clubs and a bunch of NPC shops that we can visit. I don't want to praise or even mention other communities here because we are all here for LSRP, but there is no harm in looking at what they do right. Businesses are the soul of roleplay, they can contribute to a diverse range of roleplay activities and are much more beneficial to the server if the alternative for players is to grind script jobs. Tens of small bars and pubs, restaurants, smoke shops, bakeries, pawn shops, mechanic shops and so on are gonna create much more RP than 5 night clubs. Honestly, in my personal view, a club is where roleplay starves and people just AFK and /dance 5 while the owner collects entry fees and buys a Ferrari representative after a week while small businesses provide quality roleplay. I do know this is just what you guys are doing in the start, but some reassurance that a valid business system is gonna be there for us where we don't need to truck and fish for a month to purchase a small RP-oriented business would help a lot. There is a lot of space in a fresh Los Santos that 5-6 clubs aren't gonna fill.
  3. Who isn't? I suggest you checkout how the story unfolded after the events of Sanctum of Domination. Thanks very much, can't wait to RP here.
  4. Thanks man. I have been playing WoW since the classic. Most of this time was spent on PvE/PvP which almost always was on Horde, but I did RP on WoW for a fair amount of time which was pleasant apart from the random Goldshire trolls, and my RP characters were on the Alliance side. Generally tho, I love the Horde side, has more integrity. I still play on Kazzak (EU) realm and am going for Cutting Edge achievement with my guild.
  5. Yo Appreciate the cute dino.
  6. Hi everyone, I am Dino, I am 28 years old as of last week and I reside in the northern coast of Iran. I am an English Literature graduate and I consider myself a veteran in heavy text-based roleplay and I have had a lot of experience in this genre over the past 12-13 years, on SAMP, MTA, Rage and WoW. As for my occupation, I am the head of the E-Sports committee in the state I live in. It's a governmental organization that specializes in E-Sports and holds regular domestic tournaments; recently our team qualified for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and we will compete in that tournament. I am also an English instructor on the side and I cook cannabis-infused pastry as a hobby, along with horseback riding and of course, video games. I usually play World of Warcraft and Dota2 as well as GTA. My last shot at RP was on the significant other famous GTA:V server which I enjoyed a lot but had to quit due to overwhelming real life work. Almost all my RP experience in GTA was dedicated to LCN and organized crime, which I plan on repeating here on LSRP. I can't wait for the server to launch and meet you all IG, until then stay high, Cheers.
  7. Still grinding that Cutting Edge
  8. So what I've learned from the my best experiences in roleplaying is that grinding is generally bad and fruitless. It's neither realistic nor fun to grind script jobs so you can buy the stuff you want. Personally for me, the best experience I had, was that acquiring businesses in the first place should be VERY easy. That said, you have to consider that I'm talking about rather normal and small businesses, an electronics shop, a flower shop, a cafe, a bar, etc. These businesses are the heart of roleplay and can be given out to people so that they can start roleplaying at once. Of course a management group of sort should be there to overlook the process, both ICly and OOCly and keep the business owners in check. As for bigger businesses like clubs, casinos, dealerships, and generally the ones that require a large investment, the same management group should give them out by applying more filters and more reasoning for the person who applies for such business. Also another script that I've seen that's worked very well, is that server pays the people who work at most of the businesses by their active playing time inside that business. You RP an hour in a 24/7 when you are hired there and you get X money from the server. This makes roleplaying the best way to acquire money and bypasses many of the grinding ways that have been seen in almost all GTA roleplay servers. Another thing to keep in mind is that money can be an OOC asset. My character could have 100,000$ in his bank account but I should be able to ignore that and roleplay a homeless person. So I myself am against any sort of limitation that prevents players from roleplaying what they want. I have a lot to say but I will pour it out gradually since I have no idea where the management here is headed with the script.
  9. mDino


    Hello ladies and gents, I am Dino and I'm a rather old-school roleplay enthusiast. I have played in many of the great roleplay servers over the years, starting from GTA:SA and continuing on GTA:V. I've always considered myself a hardcore roleplayer and the shift of LSRP to Rage and a fresh start in the community, temped me to give it a try. I didn't play much in the old LSRP since if I'm being honest, the economy was far from my liking and I'm hoping for a better version here on Rage since the opportunities are far greater as well. I can't wait for the server opening to explore it and spam the suggestion board. Little about myself, I'm an E-Sports official where I live, I enjoy multiplayer games, mostly World of Warcraft and Dota2 and I love working when high. Can't wait to meet you all in game. Cheers.
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