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  1. Putting myself here, not sure if I'm a Vet or not xD
  2. I'm alright, just hanging in!
  3. I'll try! You too bro!
  4. RomeoEyes

    New World

    I'm on US East. It's a nice game
  5. RomeoEyes


    What? No "." This isn't the real one. RUN AWAY! My guy my guy, just playing wit ya
  6. Check this old timer out...
  7. Ew it's this guy.....
  8. Years ago my nick on lsrp was PureRas, then I changed it to RomeoEyes, I got it cause people always said I want to take pics with my eyes looking weird like I'm a Romeo, so I just thought of RomeoEyes
  9. My mans telling me Welcome!! Aww Thanks!! Really great being here, I need friends since I don't know anyone here.
  10. Fa real iah, gotta wait til i recover from covid doa T_T
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