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  1. this server means everything to me man i wake up everyday and the first thing i do is i check discord and check mmartin's social medias to see if he's posted any updates about the release date inshallah brothers we will get the server soon you have to stay strong
  2. How many of those aren't hate crime? My CiTy HaS mOrE hOmIcIdEs ThAn YoUr CiTy
  3. Lawson

    The Salieri Crew

    i know what im joining in 2023 when the server launches
  4. Lawson

    Release Update

    Hope you and your family are okay.
  5. dw pal i make 5 bucks a day i can go to the internet cafe to game after my shift
  6. Hi, I'm Lawson, I think most of you know me from the SAMP server, don't have quite as much time on my hands nowadays but I'll definitely hop on the hypetrain.
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