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  1. Appreciate it mate. What was your name back then?
  2. Whats up ya'll, used to play LSRP back in the days. Was the leader of Locotes after Joey/Felipe/Mario. Enrique Fortuna the one and only. Cant lie, this LSRP:V shit looks
  3. Thanks bro, what was your chars name back them days? Memory doesn't serve me right. lol. But I am seeing familiar names here, good to see ppl still kickin about.
  4. Jay / iSmokeJay, 2008 vet from LSRP. Lead Locotes after Joey, Mario and Felipe until it got descripted in 2011, And I restarted it in 2017 when I had a short stint of returning to RP. Enrique Fortuna - Los Locotes / SSL13 Hi o/
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