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  1. I loved to roleplay as truck driver out in the country with my character. I actually I don't think I was ever arrested out the many years I played on SAMP LS-RP; stayed all legal. Anyone remember Reg's Trucking Association back in the day? Gosh, so many wholesome memories to think of. And ROUX, did some security work for them. I remember riding around in my pick-up truck on some dirt roads at night. I ran into someone tied up in the headlights with some dude with a gun, it was absolutely terrifying lol. I backed the hell out of there and tried to call for help on the CB because I didn't have service with my phone; but nobody came; don't blame them neither. Maybe with GTA V, aviation role-play will alot better with the better view distances (as it sucked in SA), many air fields and all. I remember owning a fixed-based operator business on the old game for a period of time and it was a ton of fun. Just hope there isn't alot of cheese of peeps trying to hijack aircraft; that would kind of ruin it.
  2. Its been a long haul. Ready to rock and roll
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