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Rules of Engagement & Faction Team Public




Hi all,


Rules of Engagement

The Faction Team has completely re-written the Rules of Engagement and this has now been finalized.  The Rules of Engagement may be subject to amendments/changes after server launch. A Q&A topic will be created in the Faction Team Public Section to ask questions about the ROE.   No suggestions for alterations to the ROE will be taken until at-least a month after the server has launched and it has been trialed.


The Rules of Engagement can be found on the top menu bar under 'Rules'. For ease, you can also find the Rules of Engagement here.   


All Factions are expected to familiarize themselves with the Rules of Engagement, no grace period will be given after the launch of the server - hence why these are being released now pre-launch to give everyone a reasonable amount of time to get familiar with them.


Faction Team Public

Faction Team Public has now been re-created and has been set up on the new forums.   This is ran and managed by the entire Faction Team.   If you're interested in providing your input on the illegal roleplay scene then joining the Faction Team Public is one of the first steps to joining the Faction Team.  You'll be responsible for providing your input on any topics surrounding illegal roleplay and factions, along with coming up with ideas and suggestions of your own to enhance the illegal roleplay scene.


In order to be considered for the Faction Team Public you're required to have experience and knowledge of the illegal roleplay scene.   We're looking for individuals who are able to work well within a team and can maintain a consistent activity.   You must also have a good standing within the community.


You can join the Faction Team Public here.  You may have to wait some time for your membership to be accepted or denied. 


Faction Team Recruitment

We are once again looking to add some fresh faces to the Faction Team.  If you're someone with an interest in developing the illegal roleplay scene on LS-RP then this position may be of interest to you!  You'll be expected to actively contribute towards discussions surrounding illegal roleplay and factions and attend team meetings on a weekly basis.  We're looking for people with experience and knowledge of the illegal roleplay scene who can work well within a team.   You're also required to be a member of Faction Team Public and be actively contributing there to be considered for the team.


Information on joining the Faction Team can be found inside the Faction Team Public section here.  


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


Thanks for reading,


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Looks like things are progressing well, I love it. The only last thing I want to see is the character customization, and how the LSRP V economy is going to work. This'll be something that'll satisfy me more. 

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