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  1. kiss me on my sexy hot ass mouth already.
  2. retired staff forum role?
  3. Competition's here.
  4. *If anyone knows how to embed Imgur gifs let me know please* https://imgur.com/k5QLHOw
  5. Updated: Added screenshots.
  6. EDITING There's already a thread on HOW to take the screenshot in game 1. Take a screenshot of the scene in game, press f7 3 three times to get rid of the HUD and nametags above heads. Take that screenshots. 2. Take a screenshot of the chat w/ black behind it via /bbc or /blackbehindchat 3. Load up photoshop, load the scenery scene/screen and then add the screen with the text w/ the black behind it. 4. Click the layer w/ the chat, double click it and fade the black. 5. Duplicate layer w/ chat 6. Merge down the duplicate layers 7. Add stroke 1 8. Resize chat to not cover the whole screen but 75% of chat. Editing/adding video soon Screenshots Videos
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