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  1. An option to delete your own threads and replies.
  2. But how am I supposed to when the roleplay is done through a private and inaccessible channel on another platform?
  3. But doing so while getting shot is powergaming. You don't respond to getting shot by reaching for your radio to make a last effort callout to dispatch, so your friends can gather up in A-TAC and respond to your location. Unless of course you have been shot and the suspect fled the scene; whilst you managed to escape at the glimpse of bleeding out, which in itself, according to faction members, is against the rules because VOIP is limited to shots fired or pursuits. We're on a hardcore roleplay server and not a police chase server with roleplay elements. Sometimes you die, so respawn?
  4. I'm doing research on Criminology and Criminal Justice in the United States. It appears that you're interpreting my statement in a wrong way. I'm not criticizing the vocal usage of the radio itself during a shooting or deem radio traffic unrealistic; it's the play-to-win attitude most cops have to immediately notify of the situation, in order to get others to respond as fast as possible, rather than portraying a realistic fight and flight response, which in this case is shooting back before utilizing the radio. It only makes sense to call for backup when behind cover, but not during the gunfight or when getting shot within seconds of initiation.
  5. Your primary objective during a gunfight is getting out alive and eliminating the threat before making the radio transmission or pressing the emergency button. Your first reaction must be returning fire or running for safety; not transmitting your callsign, location, description, and other potentially crucial information. Once the threat is eliminated there's no longer a need to utilize TeamSpeak and the scenario continues through official text channels. It's outright unrealistic behavior and should be treated as such.
  6. There's a reason people address this issue. It's because they can't or are unable to.
  7. One of my dearest critiques in regards to this community has been the inaccessibility of those who wish to roleplay as a law enforcement officer, but do not fulfill the requirement of owning a microphone. This issue needs to be reviewed through the prism of roleplay and not Out of Character restrictions in order to find a proper solution that does not limit people to parking enforcement or force them to patrol in partnered units. Such requirements not only defeat the purpose of a text based roleplay server, but also prohibit talented people from exercising their roleplay.
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