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    March Release Update

    i know everybody got priorities irl but sorry dude, apparently nothing changed with LSRP, same old habits, yall cant keep ur word on a release date and this aint a good sign.. same old staff typical behavior from lsrp, unfortunately, before the server even launches lol, some of us grew up with LS and are old farts now and would like to see this shit thrive but yall killed it with these moves and i'll be the one to say it for everybody here (at least people who think like me) not sure what's going on here i hope u realize u just killed the hype with this, don't make promises u cant keep, if its gonna take 1 year to release it, tell the people its gonna take 1 year, dont tell them its gonna take 2 months then come back and say someone broke into ur house or whatever then come back and move it again, the server was supposed to release like 9 or 8 months ago, how did you even come up with that if u knew there's still alot to do?
  2. Good idea, hard to put into practice imo, gl though. Keep in mind you're gonna be role playing the largest probation department in USA, however the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has a parole division by the way.
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