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  1. Good to see that a fishing script has been finished before the clothing store.. But on more of a serious note, y’all killed the hype for most people if I’m being honest. It just proves that LSRP hasn’t changed a bit, people are now going back to the server they use to play on now. It really seems y’all giving out random dates, how was this supposed to release in summer of 2021 and February if y’all had all this stuff to do? i promise the community didn’t mind waiting, but when y’all are throwing random dates making people hype. Then just disappointing us each time back to back, giving us fake crisis stories and shit. People get tired and unsure if they can take y’all word again. Makes people not wanna play the server. Y’all were better off not giving us dates at all. Me personally will not be looking forward to LSRP anymore. Good luck to y’all guys.
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