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  1. Yeees! Get a whole group. Yas. You will!!!
  2. That's why I 100% recommend playing it with Darkness Falls. It adds SO MUCH more to the game. Also you should never play this game alone, it's so boring. Lol.
  3. Whaaat? Unbelievable! How is it overrated?!
  4. Genny

    Genny 💕

    yep, that's her 100%
  5. Anyone play 7D2D? I want to play with a bigger group. It's amazing with the Darkness Falls mod. It's a survival zombie game that goes pretty in depth with a lot of things to do.
  6. Genny


    It's a super cute MMO. The graphics / art is good and the combat system was great. You'll have to look at videos or just simply play the game. The community is super friendly from what I remember.
  7. Genny

    Genny 💕

    wavy wavy yes please boba tea is the best drink everrrrrrr it's a CHINCHILLA!
  8. Genny


    Does anyone still play TERA? I was kinda thinking about getting back into it since it has new ownership and they've been regularly updating it. Added a new boss it looks like.
  9. natureeeee ♥ we missed you
  10. at least your name isn't cackles welcome back
  11. why murder? why not live?
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