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  1. Did you know, that the character on Discord's 404 page is a robot hamster named Nelly? What colour is the battle flag of France?
  2. And let me ask with another song title...
  3. By OOC regulation I mean that more then 1 crew has access to the weapons/drugs/whatever scheme, so they don't have the monopoly this way. If more crews are gonna sell 'to the public,' they'll try to compete on the market and .... You've got the image, I suppose... But I believe that's not gonna be a problem really. What might be a trouble is if all the crews with access to one of those rackets form some sort of alliance, and sell way over reasonable price, and that's when I'd feel like having some OOC intervention might be in place. Or maybe it's clear IC stuff? I dunno really how to eventually act up on that... I just know that on some smaller communities this sometimes was a problem...
  4. Set some anti-monopoly policies & regulations, both ICly for legel stuff and OOCly for illegal ones, and the prices will establish themselves. Setting them in stone, as someone mentioned before, is pretty bad idea. Demand/Supply is a better trend setter then ppl consciously.
  5. <insert answer> How do I cure flu?
  6. https://youtu.be/mGgMZpGYiy8 Are you winning, son?
  7. Just install 'em. How do I know if I have eyes?
  8. You don't. Where do I find Fantastic Beasts online?
  9. I think yellow. How does one change a lightbulb?
  10. So astronauts can be confused after returning from the outer space. https://youtu.be/PVxaL8CAO4M What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
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