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  1. Holy crap it’s depyo, and I dunno bro. Hit my discord though long time no see
  2. Hell yeah dude, I’m a big supporter of the 3D movement outside of the game as well. Basically I just wanted to go over the more simple builds and such that felons would get their hands on in the states. Most low level criminals would prefer a 3D printed Glock frame over an FGC-9. In my eyes the FGC-9 is the stamp of hand created freedom.
  3. He's actually on Venice Beach currently IRL advertising the faction. Fits right in
  4. Marrying Nancy Flores? Marry me instead bulldog
  5. A lot of solid guys behind it, hopefully it's executed correctly ig. Can't wait to see what y'all produce
  6. That's a good question for the staff to give a final answer, I know in some schemes my guide was used as an example so I cannot see why not. Definitely has to go through an administrative decision due to the fact that if anybody could do it, it would destroy the server lol.
  7. Glad someone said it, trafficking firearms is much different than it seems in movies and shows. Thanks for throwing this up and adding my guide, much love.
  8. I'm an extremely big fan of Print Shoot Repeat, been watching him since he started his channel and such. One of the many printing channels like Ivansprintedguns and etc.. I recommend checking him out, could give some nice ideas.
  9. Everything is fully explained in the guide, instead of barraging with randomness give it a read. Everything you're talking about is talked about in the thread, I did not go in depth for many reasons. Explained here As I own a 3D printer myself and know almost everything about it. Any felon can hop on a VPN and order a P80 kit as well, there are no background checks for P80 kits, no background checks for upper parts including barrels, slides, upper parts kits, lower parts kits, trigger assemblies. A felon or any Joe-Schmoe can walk into a gunstore and make a cash exchange with no ID check for ammo, you're missing the point entirely. The guide itself is to give a brief explanation on the 3D printing and P80 world and how it could be a good alternative for illegal roleplayers. And yes, you can easily turn (almost) any AR-15 platform that you can get out of a store to an automatic with a drop-in printed sear, and yes, you can turn a variety of Glocks to full auto with the easy to install printed switch, Glocks like the G26, G17, G27, and G19 are all easily compatible with the Glock Automatic Switch If you asked the questions in a nice way instead of attempting to belittling my guide it would've been nice. But no, you say its low effort since I'm not trying to tell everyone exactly the step by step on how to fabricate a firearm from home. It's for the roleplay, there's many ways to go about it, I suggest reading the thread once more before you make a lengthy response on it. I'm also not going to go back and forth with you either, so if you'd like to learn more or delve into a conversation, add me on discord (Shmoe Fo#6006)
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