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  1. concerning that the wishes of the community's being ignored, majority of the community do not want san andreas to be defined as an island like ^ said, how do we benefit from this decision? like, what's the point of it? is los santos a bootleg los angeles? do we ignore the state of california that's supposed to be san andreas? how do we go forward ic with the decision that san andreas is an island?
  2. frost.


    damn he ugly as fuck but whats his number lol
  3. congrats kendrick. zapper. faugh. nova. ddaniels. bounter. turtle.
  4. Re open IFM applications so those who joined late, have a chance on joining it. Most of the people who signed up late have more than enough experience and knowledge on how to run a faction and what needs to be improved, just solely based of their experiences and the knowledge they hold.
  5. frost.


    this the same man that was ducking the malis...
  6. so hye im gonna see paradyce...
  7. woke up hye, u know we so hye in dis shit, we hye mafia
  8. hi LOL had u laughing with the rest of ur faction
  9. frost.


    what fac u in now...
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