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We all seen the GTA 5 map, so many possibilities.
We should have a mapping community that will keep sending ideas to the developers &  staff team. 
We need a original world to  live in, not the ordinary.

We need change, we need different new locations we have never seen before. 
Who is with me! 

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I feel like for as large as the map is, new mapping isn't a necessity for terms of "newness" or "originality". I think everyone needs time to adjust to and get used to roleplaying on the map before any drastic changes occur. Not to mention the fact that while having a community for forwarding ideas is great, it's not the same thing as having a team of mappers who can actually make changes. Developing and mapping are two entirely different things. One requires you to manipulate and write code, while the other is creating "physical" structures.


Unless there is a script to just type a few lines of code and suddenly a one story building becomes a three story hotel, just having ideas with no team to implement them is a brainstorming session at that point. There's a lot more to mapping than you'd think, not to mention the fact it would require every person to download more files to be able to load the mapping constantly. GTA V alone is a powerhouse, imagine adding in custom maps you have to constantly render. That'd be a mess.

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