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  1. Out-of-Character This crew will illustrate what we interpret to be this thing of ours in the 2000s. There won’t be an emulation of the mafia through 1950-1990s; those days are long gone. It goes without saying, any inquiring members should carve their characters’ storyline with the aforementioned layout. We constantly relay that your character is a person that is only a mobster to survive, so don’t go all willy-nilly with the common mafia robot, who says and does all the right things without a lick of fear or a hint of flaws. The roleplay will get dull over time, and that just isn’t the way to go. So, make someone with life in them, with humor and a personality that stands out. Casual roleplay and dialogue will get more in-depth which will make it even more enjoyable for not just yourself, but your audience too. New players to the La Cosa Nostra genre can private message Street Boss or Frank Bellantonio for any pointers, advice or help with roleplay or screenshots. Complaints regarding the faction or its members can be directed to Street Boss.
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