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    It's showtime, folks.
  2. Victor_Petrela, Beccarini, Michael_Sarino, and xxxxxxxx.
  3. Out-of-Character Armenian Power 13 will serve as a continuation to the events of Operation Power Outage, a sting operation that was targeted at arresting and indicting members of the criminal group operating in the United States. Our goal is to deliver a high-end portrayal of our real life counterpart, and create an experience that is immersive and gritty. Therefore, we have strict standards of roleplay and conduct, and we only seek those who want to develop a well-rounded and realistic character. If you are interested in climbing the ladder quickly, as opposed to helping to build a well-paced storyline, then this is not the right faction for you. We welcome new and veteran roleplayers alike. All prospective members must enter and progress within the faction via in-character means, however, in the interest of authenticity, we are happy to help plan characters and create non-critical links where appropriate (e.g. relatives, old friends, jail affiliates). Any questions or concerns regarding the faction can be directed to Street Boss.
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