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  1. The only other RageMP server that's been sucessfull has had knives available for everyone and it has worked fine. We're gonna have to agree to disagree there, sounds like a pain in the ass and too much of a hassle for the staff to have to hand out switchblades to all faction leaders, when they could simply be available in stores.
  2. Sounds like that'd be an IC issue more than anything else. I don't know a single person IRL who doesn't carry a knife. There's even people out there who'll literally stab you for nothing, just for shits and giggles. Not to mention that if I really want a knife, I can walk down my hallway and pick one up from my kitchen drawer, knives are funny things.
  3. Shouldn't matter in my opinion, I don't wanna see gun dealers selling switchblades period, meaning they need to be legal ingame, I really don't give a shit how it is IRL, if a store wants to sell switchblades/knuckles, they should be able to. Having to jump through hoops just to get a knife you won't have anymore the next day is retarded.
  4. Nah I don't think those should be left out of stores either. It makes no sense for gun dealers to be selling knuckles and switchblades when there's plenty of ways to get them in real life that don't involve begging a dealer to get you one. Not to mention as far as switchblades go, they're perfectly legal in real life.
  5. I agree with the individual above me. Pretty annoying having to constantly read about this bs, pedo rp is banned period, stop tryin to change everything about the game just because you personally aren't a fan of it. Yall roleplay dealing drugs, sex trafficking (alot of the time, forced sex trafficking, literally on the same level as rape imo), kidnappings, murdering people, beating women, abusing your ic girlfriends, and other things that are quite honestly disturbing as fuck but yall are crying about people roleplaying consensual sex? Get over yourselves lol aslong as the two players are of age both IC and OOC (18+) they aren't doing anything wrong, simple as that. Get tf over it.
  6. Yeah, I never understood why melee weapons were part of weapon schemes. I could go buy literally any 'melee' weapon from the store down the street from me, makes no sense to hit up a gun dealer like 'Ey man.. You got any uh... Machetes???'
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