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  1. Ну давайте делится чем вас эта платформа зацепила больше чем империя по-соседству с пандой во главе...
  2. The idea of turning areas like Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay into something like San Bernardino, Lancaster or any other town from SoCal that have gang problem potential really sounds cool. But I think there will be a lot of conflicts among the players, where some people will ask to keep the atmosphere of a "desert half-dead town", and others will be fine if these areas will turn into more developed and reasonable towns, where in addition to rednecks and bikers you will be able to meet classic street gangs.
  3. probably Blocc Crips, most known for using those
  4. Yeah, my bad. I know that there are a plenty of gangs near the real Venice such as Venice 13, Shoreline Crips or Culver City. Just wanted to say that I find it a little bit weird when people create gangs like Longos or ABZ with LB vibe, but using pretty hipster Vespucci as their hood. That’s the reason why revamped Cypress Flats and East Los would be fire
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    JJBA, Bebop, Onizuka
  6. Yeah, simply because GTA V main goal was not an attempt to portray gang life on the same level as GTA SA. That's the reason why areas like Vespucci Beach or Rockford Hills have way more details and actually feel like their real prototypes. But it would be fire to see updated neighbourhoods, for example with restored details of GTA SA map (like Willowfield, El Corona and East Beach parts instead of most of the industrial buildings at Cypress Flats, La Mesa and El Burro in my screenshots above, Ganton, Idlewood and Jefferson parts at Davis, Strawberry and Rancho, etc.). Even just nicely expanded hoods will be enough already, I guess.
  7. if somebody interested: When people ask to remove certain objects/buildings to add residential areas and other stuff instead of them, I think that's a pretty fair request. People who know the GTA V Los Santos map well also know that HD versions of South Central and East Los have their own number of problems, which creates not the most pleasant conditions when it comes to RP there. For example: 1. Scale in general. Unlike GTA SA LS, where we had a fairly small city, it still had a lot of streets, roads, dead-ends and spots, which created a sense of real scale. In the case of GTA V and specifically South Central, we actually have only a couple of main roads, which are very wide and take all the free space away. Just count how few streets there are in South Los Santos if you compare it to big brother. 2. Infrastructure. Don't get me wrong, but when I drive around a city on the West Coast, where it's always sunny and palm trees are mixed with gangsters everywhere, I definitely don't expect to see such a huge number of factories, abandoned businesses and industrial buildings. Just take a look at the Rancho, or Cypress Flats. You feel like you're in some kind of Detroit. If we go back to GTA SA again, we can take Willowfield and El Corona as examples. There was a huge dump and quite a lot of industrial buildings, but they never created a problem, because in the first place of these areas was the creation of residential infrastructure (apartments, housing projects, swap meets etc.). GTA V lack of all this and honestly has a lot of useless/unused areas. 3. Compressed and missed areas. For me, the main advantage of the GTA SA map was that with such a small size, old Los Santos contained almost all the districts of Los Angeles, which made it possible to show the game of a particular gang as accurately as possible. Like Ganton = Compton, Jefferson = Watts, El Corona = Lennox, East Beach = Long Beach, Idlewood = Inglewood etc. In the case of GTA 5, there are many areas that are a mixture of several real neighbourhoods at once (Rancho - Watts + Florence, Strawberry - Inglewood + Crenshaw, Davis - Compton + Slauson), and some are not represented in the game at all (Long Beach). This is often the reason why players create factions in areas that are not created for gang RP (Vespucci Beach, Morningwood, most of the Mirror Park, etc.). It becomes very crowded with time and players literally have to fight for a COUPLE OF HOUSES. So.. I actually agree that South LS and East Los better should be expanded, overhauled and maybe even gentrified at some places. This would greatly improve the immersion in the atmosphere, for which everyone is here.
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