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    check my screen federico never do that ever again gangland
  2. u fight for paisa not freedom 

  3. Wavy


    Shoutout @MurderO, can't wait to see what y'all bring to the server.
  4. Wavy


  5. Me & @Shackhad great encounters with this group on SA-MP. No luck needed man, you guys will take this far.
  6. Aint no lackin, she say we some niggas from the trenches with an accent
  7. Homie been roleplaying this ever since I known him, big ups to this faction no luck needed
  8. me and @LowDowns literally raised this guy, he got this on lock
  9. My word Des is one of the realest leaders, no luck needed
  10. S/o MClogg thats my guy, S/O Caleb thats my guy, S/O Carson Mafia Ganster Blood, those my guys
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