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  1. I will do a video next time then lmao! Yeah, it'd be good if she knows how to draw on paper too, I love doing shadows and detailed drawings on illustrator.
  2. Back in time when I had time? I used to be drawing a lot on paper like it was one of the most things I do in my day but I stopped that due to some real life issues and just been fucking about on digital lol. If you want my advice? I can suggest adobe illustrator and don't know if you'd believe me but I draw using my mouse lmao. Adobe illustrator makes things easy as fuck and it saves a lot of time when you get to know the tools better.
  3. yall already know whats dat
  4. yee am waiting for some homie to do the mongols vests for me if he can lmao
  5. losing my mind trynna get mods in sp lmao
  6. long time g, hope u doing good my maan
  7. love y bro my ggg miss u dogy appreciate yall will update it too
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