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  1. nitrorush

    March Release Update

    It does not take a server THREE years to be developed when there's hundreds of servers just like it, if not even better. How could these guys be the same guys who administrated and developed one of the greatest servers in all of SA:MP RP history?? It's ridiculous.
  2. nitrorush

    March Release Update

    I'm no LSRP OG or anything, most of my time on SA:MP was spent on other servers - but I played the few months before LSRP shut down on SA:MP, and when I noticed the PB dying it really did make me sad. It was one of my favorite servers by far. The developers aren't helping at all, delaying it 5 times and demotivating us even more, with teasers only coming 2-3 times a MONTH. Sounds a lot, but considering it's 30 days and we wait eagerly those 30 days, it really doesn't help. At first I really didn't want an early release if the server was gonna be buggy and whatnot, but at this point.. Just fucking release it. Longer you wait, the more people leave.
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