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Hey, Im Ed. StoryTeller, Kross, whatever... I have alot of nicknames.

I'm just another schmuck from GTAW hopping over to LSRP after a few of the guys from 4x4 wanted to see if I'd join up, so I said sure. 

Guess Im a legal RPer, but my goals are to remain private for now. My hobbies include (IRL) Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Offroading, and if you wanna see what games im into, my steam is the same as my discord: StoryTeller#7734.

I'm a bit race nut, love fallout, and even for an American I prefer UK Locomotives over US Locomotives. Have a question, leave it. spacer.png

Oh, I also help make Halo/Warhammer mods for Fallout 4, and Im a map creator on Transport Fever 2. 

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Y'ello there.


On 2/26/2022 at 5:57 PM, StoryTeller124 said:

I also help make Halo/Warhammer mods for Fallout 4,

Also I still play Fallout 4 so much and my game is modded to hell. Not as much as Skyrim tho, that's basically a new game. 

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Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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